Welcome To Amie Crews Coach

Are you...

  • In a new role and want to make an impact quickly?
  • Feeling stressed out at work or in your personal life?
  • Watching life pass you by in a flash and want to enjoy it more?
  • Lacking energy and enthusiasm?
  • Ready and willing to do something about it?

You are my ideal client!

I'll work with you to define your goals and help you work out new strategies that will enable you to feel happier, more confident and much more satisfied.

I help my clients set goals and achieve them, rediscovering their sparkle on the journey.

Coaching can take place face to face depending where you are based, or through Skype, on the phone or via email.

Are you ready to take action today?

To find out how coaching can work for you, get in touch by either dropping me a text or contact me on the form here

What My Clients Say...

Amie took my mind to a place I'd never been, I loved the empowerment it gave me and I was left raring to go".

Kirsty, London

"Having someone there to reason out my ideas and also knowing that I had to action my goals, (because Amie would check), helped me maintain accountability.

Without Amie, I wouldn't have been able to move my business forward to the next level. Amie helped me regain my confidence and remove barriers which were holding me back."

Brian, Humberside