Hi!  I’m Amie Crews and I’m going to share a secret with you…I’m ready to admit it…
Fear held me back for a REALLY LONG TIME.

Fear is a BIG BLOCKER for loads of us, and often, it’s not just one single fear, it’s several. I’ve been doing a lot of personal development work over the last few years; in fact, I’ve been on a HUGE personal development journey since my teens but life really changed for me a few years ago. Everything I had worked hard towards in my career, reputation I had built, respect I’d earnt, projects I had delivered, relationships I’d cultivated and the life I was leading…. Suddenly, it just wasn’t me anymore.

Having a baby made me question everything that was important in life. Suddenly, the career that I’d worked hard to grow and develop for years seemed trivial and unimportant, corporate language suddenly seemed ridiculous and with a detached sense of perspective, it was blindingly obvious that I’d lost sight of who I was and what I was about.
If I was going to launch my coaching practice, I decided that it was now or never.

I had a scary and daunting realisation that I had taken huge leaps in a direction that seemed like the right thing to do at the time, and yes, had brought me loads of success both financially and personally but just wasn’t me. It was only when I took some time out and looked back in on my ‘old life’ that I realised how far I was away from what I wanted.

It was a big moment. I began to realise what was truly important and how I had always longed for the idea of starting my own biz, and don’t get me wrong I dabbled, but there was always something holding me back.
I found excuses to avoid taking action… “I’ve got a promotion”, “I’ve got a new job”, “my office location has changed”,  “I’m training for a marathon”, “I need the financial stability before making the leap”, (ok that one has some validity), and any other bloody reason to let myself off the hook. You see, at the time, I actually thought these were real reasons, but they weren’t.
This painful moment of coming to my senses and realising how I had continually got in my own way at several pivotal life points suddenly came to life. I noticed a recurring pattern in my life had been about getting close to fear, (even good, exciting fears) and then standing back and taking a safer option
I trained as a coach for personal development reasons whilst early in my career, I loved the results it brought the people I worked with and I used the skills all the time with my team, as well as dabbling with friends and family. I knew that I could offer people more than just a conversation, it was about space to think, reflect, be honest with themselves and do something constructive as a result. A powerful conversation can’t be underrated – it can be a complete gamechanger and its the time to think that gives us the space for answers.

The biggest challenge I had to overcome was fear. simple as that! I’ve been so fortunate to have been working in jobs that I loved, and I was fearful about leaving that, the teamwork and stability it brings and this really created a situation were I did nothing, because I wasn’t ready to take a leap of faith. Fear held me back for a long time, until I realised that I could have the benefit of both worlds and then I began taking steps towards that.