Coaching Programmes; focus on me

Fed up of feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated with not seeing things through despite your best intentions??  We’ve all been there and this coaching programme will help you escape the things that have held you back until now, and enable you to progress towards your goals and dreams, live the life you want to lead and be truly happy

Working 1:1 is for you if:

You’re ready to invest in yourself, commit to making progress and willing to push through stuff, not avoid it

You want someone to walk beside you, taking you step by step

You want someone checking in for accountability

You just want to focus on yourself without any other social noise or distractions

What’s Included In the Programme?

There are so many topics that you could explore, and generally I’ve found that its boiled down to one or many of the ones listed below, and because its personalised to you, we can work flexibly within this framework over this 3 month programme:

Creating a GREAT GOAL

We’ll nail what you’re aiming for and you’ll get fired up about working towards it


You’ll be focusing on the things you do day to day that empower or undermine you – and we’ll work on changing the ones that no longer work for you and your goals


You’ll discover or reconnect to your strengths, and be able to practically see how they can help you


We’ll be talking about the balance between drive and motivation, how to stay on track when the going gets tough

Get into your MIND

We’ll go deep into your mind, look at the language you use and how you can help your mind help you

Taking it FORWARD

You’ll be working on your plan for the next few months and beyond, ensuring that you keep emotionally invested in your progress with some clear and measurable milestones.

You choose how to take your sessions.

Choose from a 2 hour session, each month, or 4 x 90 minutes, or even 6 one hour sessions.  People often opt for a combination, so we can work with what works!

All sessions take place within a 12 week period, or a shorter duration, availability dependent, with a check in option between sessions, plus a further 3 months support following the end of the programme to help sustain momentum.

If you have a particular requirement that you don’t see listed, contact me for a further discussion

At first I was deflated, the wind taken from my sails, feeling like a failure I quickly typed a message to my coach – and Amie said “RING ME!”. A 10 minute conversation helped get my brain back in gear and focus on what I needed to do differently next time

I would HIGHLY recommend Amie, she always brings such clarity to moments of fog and overwhelm. On numerous occasions she has helped me to organise my mindset, enabling me to crack on with a task and drive it forward

My goal was to feel less stressed. During sessions, Amie helped me to identify small changes, some which seemed so ridiculously simple, that actually made a big (and positive) impact. I had some huge lightbulb moments during the sessions and in between, because the questions really got me thinking. Having a coach helped me to figure this stuff out, the questions Amie asked just helped me really make sense of why I was feeling the way I was; things then fit into place and I was able to let go of things I no longer needed to hang on to.