I help you refocus your attention so that you are clear about what you want, in order to put your energy and efforts into the right things – because lets be honest, time is precious and who needs to be wasting it doing the stuff that isn’t going to achieve results, this is about getting super clear on the stuff that’s getting in your way and then doing something about it

Hi! I’m Amie Crews and my absolute joy as a transformational coach is helping you to finally get a grip of everything that’s been holding you back, let it go and live the life you’ve finally dreamed off.

In this transformational programme I’m going to share:

the strategies that helped me move from fear to freedom,

the small things that I put into practice that literally changed how I live life every day

the FEAR to FREEDOM process that I’ve personally followed to help me build the business of my dreams and create the life I’ve always wanted to lead

The one super simple rule I follow that brings BIG results

Are you wasting time, faffing about on stuff that’s not getting you anywhere? How about putting that effort and energy into actions that are going to get results?

The programme opens soon. Get ready to transform your life. Register now to find out first when I fling the doors open and welcome you in!

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Week 1 – Focus and Vision

Clarity, goal-setting and accountability. You will get SUPER CLEAR on your focus on during the programme, get fired up and ready for ACTION

Week 2 - Strengths and Sabotage

You’ll learn how to maximise your strengths and begin to discover how you may be sabotaging yourself without knowing

Week 3 - Your Belief System

You will explore strategies to enable you to escape the FEAR and you’ll learn one simple daily practice that will change your mindset



Week 4 - Creating Healthy Habits

You’ll start learning about habits, how you can make simple changes to bring better habits into your life both internally and externally

Week 5 - Energetic Exchange

You focus will be on your own energy and how you can manage your own energetic cycles effectively.  You’ll also look at energy influencers and develop coping strategies.

Week 6 - Resilience and Motivation

You’ll explore what keeps you focused when things get tough and learn strategies for maximising willpower, staying motivated and in a place of action, reflection and recognition

Week 7 - Future Focus

You’ll reflect on your achievements and create a new plan for the next 3 months and beyond.


I never imagined that an online programme could be this powerful! I just took a punt and threw myself into it and its changed the whole way I live my life

You’ve got to show up

I created the space where its ok to show up without the mask; if you can’t be honest with yourself, then you’ll still get benefit from the programme, but personal transformation comes when you are really clear about where you’re starting from.
Take the mask off and show up as you are. This is a space to learn and grow, with that comes some discomfort – maybe that’s about admitting where you are, maybe it’s to do with being REALLY honest with yourself, maybe it’s about self-esteem or confidence? Sharing what you find hard and being willing to work on progress is what’s going to get you the transformational results you’re looking for.

I will 100% match your energy and efforts – I’ll help you refocus your attention so that you are clear about what you want, in order to put your energy and efforts into the right things – because let’s be honest, time is precious and who needs to be wasting it doing the stuff that isn’t going to achieve results, this is about getting super clear on the stuff that’s getting in your way and then doing something about it.  You must be ready to do something – even if you think it might be tough – when you sign up, you’re telling me that you’re


As a result of this programme, you can take control of your life and learn to steer the boat in the direction you want to go.  You’ll learn techniques to build confidence, turn bad habits into habits which serve you and most of all reconnect to the things that enable the best version of you.

Join me, Amie Crews, for weekly LIVE CALLS to ask me your questions and hear behind the scenes what I’m really doing to breakthrough my fears, become my best self and change my life

Identify and overcome the fears holding you back. Move past them to build your dream life – break free of overwhelm, stresses and strains and live a happier life.

What exactly is FOCUS ON ME; TRANSFORM?

This fully online course is taken over 7 weeks, and a blend of coaching, training and mentoring that will take you on a journey towards eliminating stress, strains and increasing your empowerment, confidence and self-esteem.

Each week a new part of the course is released; you watch a video, do the exercises, share your progress in the private community and track your journey in your workbook for the ultimate transformation. Oh and join me live online each week

to reflect on this for yourself, embed your learning and ask questions.

Drawing on my own life experiences, principles of coaching, behavioural change, mindfulness and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), this course will teach you how to get back in control of your mind, move from fear to freedom and take action every single day to build the life you want to live.

Come on in. It’s time

This programme is for you, if you want to:

Get absolute clarity on your vision for the future

Find out what truly motivates and ignites you

Find out what’s holding you back personally and overcome those barriers

Let go of some of the baggage you’ve been hanging onto

Join a community of highly motivated people, just like you, who will support you on your journey

Take action, every day, to build your dream life

My goal was to feel less stressed. During sessions, Amie helped me to identify small changes, some which seemed so ridiculously simple, that actually made a big (and positive) impact. I had some huge lightbulb moments during the sessions and in between, because the questions really got me thinking. Having a coach helped me to figure this stuff out, the questions Amie asked just helped me really make sense of why I was feeling the way I was; things then fit into place and I was able to let go of things I no longer needed to hang on to.



Not many online courses offer this: I’ll send you a workbook so you can complete the exercises without having to scribble in on scraps of paper, or faff about getting things printed! Take yourself to a special place, sit by the beach or grab a coffee, plug in – listen and make it your time

Value: £50

Review: Let Me Review Your stuff

Share your goals, your struggles and let me work alongside you to get clarity so that you can focus your efforts on the things that will bring results and I’ll give you INDIVIDUAL feedback

Value: £695

Join the Incredible FOCUS ON ME Community

Get lifetime access to my private community of people, just like you, who are up for living their best life, working through the stuff that gets in the way and are changing themselves to live the life they’ve dreamed of.


Access the course on the go! !

The course is 100% online…apart from the physical workbook bonus of course! This means you pop into FB or access the videos any time, from anywhere in the world. Each week, a new section of the course is released, and you can access it at home, in a coffee shop or even on holiday!

Amie is an exceptional executive coach who brings a gentle yet highly motivational way of provoking thinking, which helps her to achieve fantastic outcomes for those she partners with. She has great energy and creates a space which enables her clients to have a relaxed focus that leads to real breakthroughs.